APX MarketSuite Integration with AWS Cloud


  • Marubeni required integration with APX MarketSuite APIs for efficient CSV file management.
  • The solution had to efficiently call APX APIs from AWS Cloud using Python’s native libraries.
  • If unaddressed, these challenges posed risks of inefficiency, increased costs, and potential security vulnerabilities.


  • Successful integration with APX MarketSuite APIs improved Marubeni’s data management.
  • Use of AWS Lambda functions and S3 buckets optimized resource usage and costs.
  • The solution demonstrated robust performance, handling high data volumes and API requests.
  • Enhanced security was ensured through API Gateway and API keys.
  • The solution was easy to maintain with minimal business disruption.

Executive Summary

Marubeni, a renowned provider of environmental asset management services, faced the challenge of integrating with APX MarketSuite APIs for secure and efficient upload and download of CSV files. In response to this challenge, Futuralis developed a proof of concept using AWS Lambda functions, API Gateway, and S3 buckets. This solution provided Marubeni with a cost-effective, efficient, secure, and seamlessly integrated solution that revolutionized their data management operations.

The Challenge

Marubeni required a solution that could facilitate seamless integration with APX MarketSuite APIs for efficient management of CSV files. The desired solution needed to call APX APIs from AWS Cloud using Python's native libraries, while employing only necessary packages to maintain system efficiency. If this challenge went unaddressed, the company risked grappling with inefficient resource usage, escalated costs, and potential security vulnerabilities.

Why Futuralis & AWS

Futuralis was chosen for their demonstrated proficiency in crafting solutions in the AWS space. Their capabilities to devise cost-effective, efficient, and secure solutions, particularly using Python native libraries, made them the ideal partner for this initiative. Moreover, Futuralis' reputation for successfully integrating existing infrastructure with novel solutions fostered Marubeni’s trust in the engagement.

Our Solution

Futuralis partnered with Marubeni to develop a streamlined solution that integrated APX MarketSuite APIs with AWS Cloud. The process involved creating Lambda functions to call the APX POST API for uploading CSV files and retrieving them from APX when a file was uploaded to an S3 bucket. The solution was optimized by limiting the required packages to Python native libraries. API Gateway fronted the Lambda functions as APIs with API keys for authorization, ensuring secure and cost-effective use of resources.

By leveraging the flexible storage and retrieval capabilities of S3 buckets and the efficiency of Lambda functions, the solution seamlessly integrated Marubeni’s system with the APX MarketSuite.

Results & Benefits

Integration and Efficiency
The successful integration with APX MarketSuite APIs improved Marubeni’s data management processes significantly. This enhancement was further amplified by the innovative use of AWS Lambda functions and S3 buckets, optimizing resource usage and improving cost-effectiveness.

Performance and Security
The robustness of the built solution allowed it to handle high volumes of data and numerous API requests without performance issues. Coupled with the utilization of API Gateway and API keys, the solution maintained high-security standards with no unauthorized access attempts or data breaches recorded.

Maintenance and Reliability
The solution was not only easy to maintain, swiftly addressing any arising issues or updates, but also proved reliable in ensuring minimal disruption to business operations. This resulted in enhanced continuity and consistency for the organization.

About Marubeni Case Study

Marubeni Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a multinational corporation active in a wide range of sectors with a significant focus on the energy and power sectors. This involves not only conventional energy sources but extends to renewable and infrastructure projects as well. The company's business activities also span lifestyle, IT, food, agriculture, chemicals, metals, finance, real estate, construction, industrial machinery, and next-generation business development sectors.

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