Amazon Connect: Call Center of the Future

Guarantee a smooth customer experience with cloud-based contact centers at a low cost.

Amazon Connect Features

Discover the power of the cloud-based contact center to deliver quality customer service.

Skill Based Call Routing

Customer calls are directed to available agents with the right skill set, minimizing wait times and resolving issues more efficiently.

Outbound Calling

Schedule automated calls and establish triggers that automatically send calls in response to unforeseen events such as credit fraud.

Dynamic Content Flows

An intuitive graphical interface makes it easy for users to design contact flows and anticipate needs with customer histories—no coding required.

Natural Language Chatbots

Amazon Lex allows you to integrate advanced conversational interfaces into any application.

Rich Analytics

A visual performance dashboard displays clear metrics that support data driven decision making and maximize operational performance.

Accelerate the Customer-Experience Evolution

Deploy quickly, train fast and save big.

Benefits of Connect

  • Changes to your contact take effect instantly
  • Save up to 80% over traditional contact centers
  • Scale quickly to meet unpredictable demand
  • No restrictive contracts due to pay as you go model
  • Runs on the most reliable cloud framework, AWS

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