Accelerate Growth with Futuralis & AWS

Futuralis is a global technology consulting firm and an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner with a specialized vision: Migrate, Modernize, and Manage. Our expertise lies in transitioning complex client workloads to AWS, creating fast, modern, enterprise-grade solutions, and providing unparalleled cloud management services.

Futuralis & AWS – Empowering Businesses with Cloud Agility

Our strategic alliance with AWS not only facilitates your transition to the cloud but also provides the best-in-class industry solutions that enable you to utilize AWS hosted products and services to their full potential.

AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) Practice

Harness the power of Futuralis & AWS to bolster your digital defenses. With our AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) Practice, we help businesses build a robust security layer that guards their web applications against common web exploits. By integrating WAF, Futuralis enables your organization to control traffic reaching your applications and ensures only legitimate requests get through. Not just protecting, we enable you to optimize the application experience for your end-users, making security an enabler for your digital transformation.

AWS Lambda Practice

Innovate faster with Futuralis & AWS through our AWS Lambda Practice. Our experts aid organizations in developing and deploying serverless applications that automatically manage the compute resources for you. This means you can focus more on core product development rather than infrastructure management. With AWS Lambda, we help you to create applications that are infinitely scalable, highly responsive, and come with a reduced operational cost, thereby enhancing your business agility.

AWS CloudFormation Practice

Optimize your cloud experience with Futuralis & AWS. With our AWS CloudFormation Practice, we automate the provisioning and management of your AWS resources, enabling you to deploy applications swiftly, reliably, and at scale. By leveraging CloudFormation, we facilitate the reuse of components, reduce manual errors, and ensure consistent management of infrastructure, letting you concentrate on delivering value to your customers rather than juggling with resources.

Amazon RDS Practice

Transform the way you manage databases with Futuralis & AWS. Our Amazon RDS Practice empowers businesses to set up, operate, and scale relational databases with ease. We help you to simplify your database management tasks, leading to reduced costs and increased productivity. With Amazon RDS, Futuralis is here to guide you in optimizing database performance, security, and compatibility.

Amazon DynamoDB Practice

Maximize your application’s performance with Futuralis & AWS. Through our Amazon DynamoDB Practice, we help organizations to handle their data models with a flexible, scalable, and reliable NoSQL database service. No matter the load, our team of experts ensures that your application remains performant and consistent. With DynamoDB, we assist in auto-scaling, backup, restore, and in-memory caching to ensure smooth and efficient operation of your applications.

Futuralis DevOps Solutions: Transforming Your Business with Automation

At Futuralis, we offer an extensive range of DevOps solutions tailored to drive efficiency and innovation in your organization. Our team of experts is dedicated to leveraging the transformative capabilities of DevOps, enhancing your operational dynamics with our structured, marketable package of services.

Key Offerings :

Automated Pipeline Setup

 Custom CI/CD pipelines for seamless integration and deployment.

Cloud-Native Solutions on AWS

Specialized services for robust cloud environment setup and maintenance.

Infrastructure as Code Services:

Efficient infrastructure management with code-based solutions.

Monitoring and Analytics

Advanced tools to track and optimize performance.

Service Tiers for Every Business Size :

Basic-Package icon

Basic Package

For small businesses
Fundamental DevOps tools and practices.

Professional Package icon

Professional Package

For medium businesses
Advanced features and support.

Enterprise-Solution icon

Enterprise Solution

For large organizations
Comprehensive automation, custom solutions, and dedicated support.

Unlock the Power of Cloud with Futuralis

Futuralis delivers the superpower of cloud-native applications to your business.

Cloud Advisory

We build your digital and cloud strategy focused on understanding your priorities and defining a comprehensive digital and cloud adoption blueprint.

Business Applications

We facilitate an efficient plan of migration to the cloud with minimal downtime, ensuring business continuity.

Managed Cloud

Our 24/7 Managed Services ensure the high availability, scalability, and security of your Infrastructure and Applications.

Intelligent Applications

We provide fresh insights to keep your business ahead of trends, revolutionizing your customer engagement.

Data & Analytics

We help you set up a secure, data-driven decision-making platform using the power of the cloud and proven frameworks.

Modern Applications

We build innovative applications with revolutionary tools to cut down overhead and speed up your time-to-market.

Why Choose Futuralis

Futuralis is an official advanced consulting partner of AWS. We leverages a team of certified AWS Solutions Architects, employs a data-driven approach, and offers a comprehensive array of cloud services, customized strategies, and 24/7 managed cloud services, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation while providing cost-effective solutions across diverse industries.

Expert AWS Partnership

As an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, Futuralis has a proven track record of effectively leveraging AWS tools and services to meet diverse client needs.

Custom Cloud Strategies

Futuralis offers tailored strategies for every client, ensuring that your cloud implementation aligns perfectly with your specific business objectives.

Comprehensive Cloud Services

From Cloud Advisory and Business Applications to Modern Applications and Data & Analytics, Futuralis offers an array of cloud services that cover every aspect of your cloud journey.

24/7 Managed Cloud Services

With Futuralis, you can concentrate on your core business while a highly skilled team of Applications, SysOps & DevOps Engineers ensures high availability, scalability, and security of your Infrastructure and Applications.

Innovative Approach

Futuralis constantly keeps up with the latest developments in cloud technology and adopts innovative approaches to deliver top-notch solutions.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Futuralis has a vast talent pool of certified AWS Solutions Architects who are always ready to provide the best cloud solutions based on your unique requirements.

Broad Industry Experience

With clients in the Financial Services, Media and Entertainment, Retail, and Emerging Markets sectors, Futuralis has broad industry experience and understands the nuances and unique requirements of each.

Proven Methodology

Futuralis uses a unique, data-driven methodology for its cloud implementations, ensuring that every step is backed by solid data and analysis.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Futuralis, client satisfaction is paramount. The company is committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations, adding long-term value to your business.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Futuralis focuses on delivering high-performance cloud solutions while keeping the costs optimized. You only pay for what you use, reducing unnecessary expenditures.

Join us in leading the charge to the cloud with Futuralis & AWS

Your most trusted databases & applications have never run so well. Get the most from your business applications, without the cost of hardware management. As an advanced consulting partner of AWS, Futuralis has a proven track record in helping businesses transition smoothly to the cloud, managing complex workloads efficiently and ensuring unparalleled uptime and performance.

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