Accounting Software Provisioning on AWS
with Enhanced Security and Performance


  • Outdated IT infrastructure hindered software performance, scalability, security, data integrity, and operational efficiency.
  • Failure to update would severely impact operations, efficiency, and competitiveness.


  • System performance boost
  • Enhanced security
  • Cost efficiency
  • Scalability & collaboration
  • Efficient management

Executive Summary

Avasant, a leading management consulting firm, collaborated with Futuralis to modernize their IT infrastructure. Facing challenges with outdated systems and security concerns, Avasant required a comprehensive solution, which Futuralis delivered by deploying Windows Server 2022 on AWS, integrating multi-factor authentication and backups, and automating infrastructure provisioning. This led to improved performance, security, and efficiency.

The Challenge

Performance/Scalability: Outdated systems hindered accounting software effectiveness and growth. Security Risks: Lacked secure remote access and multi-factor authentication - critical for data protection. Data Integrity: Needed robust backup and recovery strategies. Operational Inefficiency: Manual infrastructure provisioning limited scalability. Failure to address these issues would have impacted Avasant’s operational efficiency and competitive edge.

Why Futuralis & AWS

Avasant chose AWS for its scalability, security, and performance capabilities to meet IT needs. AWS offered robust and flexible services to address specific requirements, including multi-factor authentication, automated backups, and resource management. Futuralis was selected for its AWS solution expertise and track record delivering efficient, secure, scalable infrastructure projects. Futuralis understood Avasant's challenges and proposed a tailored AWS-based solution, and Avasant was confident in Futuralis’ ability to execute complex IT transformations efficiently and effectively.

Our Solution

Futuralis's solution encompassed several key AWS services:

EC2 with Windows Server 2022: Robust and scalable platform for Avasant's accounting software.

300 GB EBS Volume: Ample and efficient storage capacity.

AWS SSO and MFA: Enhanced security with secure access controls.

AWS Systems Manager: Simplified instance management, especially for RDP sessions, and enhanced user access.

Backup and Recovery: Implemented through snapshots, AMIs, and EBS volume backups stored in S3 buckets.

Automation with IaC: Employed CloudFormation templates for streamlined infrastructure provisioning, integrated with AWS CodeCommit, CodeBuild, and CodePipeline for a robust CI/CD pipeline.

Results & Benefits

Performance Boost:
Enhanced system performance with faster loading times and lower CPU usage.

Enhanced Security:
Stronger security measures reduced incidents and breaches.

Cost Efficiency:
Optimized resource allocation led to reduced IT maintenance costs.

Scalability & Collaboration:
Support for 10 concurrent users improved user satisfaction and streamlined remote access.

Efficient Management:
Reduced manual tasks and improved system management efficiency through AWS Systems Manager.

About Avasant

Avasant is a globally recognized management consulting firm, renowned for its expertise in strategic IT and business solutions. Operating in a highly competitive and dynamic industry, Avasant specializes in advising organizations on digital transformation and business strategies. The company is known for its forward-thinking approach and commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive business growth and operational efficiency.

About Futuralis

Migrate – Modernize – Manage

Futuralis is a global tech consulting firm and AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner based in Washington, DC. We specialize in migrating complex workloads to AWS, modernizing them into fast, enterprise-grade solutions, and providing top-tier cloud management. Our ethos of Shared Business Excellence guides our pursuit of client capability enhancement, global customer satisfaction, and measurable results.

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