Executive Summary

A global e-commerce company's packaging team is committed to improving the packaging experience for greater customer satisfaction and long-term sustainability. We helped them build a modern application to increase packaging experimentation efficiency, add decision-making horsepower and share data across business units.

The Challenge

A global e-commerce company's packaging team identifies optimal packaging solutions for products using automation and machine learning. The team's business process ran though complex ETL jobs which made change management difficult and lengthy with +8 hours of downtime per update. The rigid infrastructure in place only supported SQL which created opportunity for vulnerabilities from human error in the code, plus there were no safeguards in place to protect downstream systems from consuming bad data. Another inefficiency was generating comparative metrics which took 4+ hours per week.

Why Futuralis & AWS

Our Solution

We implemented a serverless solution that enables seamless and easy code change management with AWS CI/CD best practices. The application has the ability to run experiments using AWS services and coding languages such as Python or Node. To protect from human error, separate development and product accounts were created and safeguards were added to pause workflows until human intervention approves them to proceed. Comparative metrics can be generated using easy to configure experimentation process.

Results & Benefits

About the E-Commerce Company

The e-commerce retailer operates in North American and International markets enabling vendors, sellers, authors, musicians, filmmakers, app developers, and others to publish and sell content via its branded websites. The packaging team is responsible for creating and choosing optimal packaging which minimizes waste, lowers cost, and delights customers.

About Futuralis

Migrate – Modernize – Manage

Futuralis is a global tech consulting firm and AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner based in Washington, DC. We specialize in migrating complex workloads to AWS, modernizing them into fast, enterprise-grade solutions, and providing top-tier cloud management. Our ethos of Shared Business Excellence guides our pursuit of client capability enhancement, global customer satisfaction, and measurable results.

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